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Soniya and Her Inspiring Life After the Acid Attack

Soniya Choudhary wishes her attacker was alive today. Why? Find out through her incredible journey.

She was just 15 steps away from her home when two people on a bike threw acid on her face.

People gathered around her but no one came out in support. She received 55 percent burns on her skin and took several years to come out of the trauma.

Once scared to watch her own reflexion in the mirror after the attack, Soniya is now a confident beautician. She runs her own beauty parlour and takes care of her family independently.

Though the incident changed her entire life, she still believes everything happens for good.

This is her story of inspiration and how she came out of the horrific incident and emerged as a winner like a boss!


You can support Soniya to achieve her dreams. She wants to start her own beauty parlour and you can help her set up one. Please support her crowdfunding campaign and donate.

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Shreya Pareek

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